Eathos Joins 1% for the Planet!

Eathos Foods is excited to announce our membership to 1% for the Planet. We pledge to donate 1% of annual sales to support nonprofit organizations focused on the environment. “At Eathos, we believe in using business as a force for good. We’re proud to join the 1% for the Planet network to work alongside member companies and partner organizations driving positive change for the planet and our communities.” – Gene Grant, Director of Brand & Strategic Sales at Eathos.

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Looking for inspiration in the frozen food aisle — “Healthy frozen” is not an oxymoron.

We’ve all been there… standing vacantly in the freezer aisle searching top to bottom for something healthy, tasty, and easy to cook. Of course, convenience is a given with frozen foods, so what everyone’s looking for is great flavor plus a healthy ingredient list.That’s the challenge that we took on when we launched Eathos. That’s the idea behind “consciously tasty.”

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How does an American food company achieve “authentic” Italian flavor?

A lot of companies claim to have authentic Italian flavors. But the fact is, there’s a culinary ethos in Italy that simply can’t be matched in America. There’s just something about the subtle flavors, textures and wholesome goodness that comes natural to them, even when they’re cooking in commercial kitchens. So the answer is, we go to Italy and get the real thing.

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The Origin of Eathos

The idea for Eathos go back decades, to an epic trip through Europe. Two of our closest friends were food-loving tourists before Anthony Bourdain made it a thing. They ate their way from one country to another. They enjoyed the cobblestone cafes, the coffeehouses, the beer halls and the bars. They toured vineyards in France and picked olives in Spain, but what they enjoyed the most was the Italian countryside.

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A tasty tradition with a modern, plant-based twist.

You can’t go wrong with traditional Italian comfort food. Especially when it’s actually made in Italy from recipes that have been handed down for generations. But there aren’t too many people here in the States who can do full-on Italian feasts. We’re too busy. We crave the rich, satisfying flavors of slow Italian cooking but we need quick-eating convenience. Plus, a lot of us are choosing a meatless lifestyle. We are conscious of the environmental and social implications of a meat-heavy diet, and are diversifying our diets to incorporate more meatless meals.

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The New Eathos of Frozen Foods

The Greek word Ethos is defined as the practices, values and customs that distinguish one person or group from others. It’s like a culture code. Some of the most prevalent cultural codes in America revolve around home, food and busy-bee action. Ours is a culture on the move. We go, go, go, and then we go some more. We don’t have time to linger over our food. To us, food is seen as fuel. We fill up fast and we move on.

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