Eathos Gives Back

Cultivating Good: Eathos Gives Back

At Eathos, we believe in both mindful eating and intentional impact. We exist to bring consciously healthy, feel-good food to your table. That’s why Cultivating Good is a core tenet of our company. 

We are Cultivating Good in the communities we touch, for the planet we share, and with the products we create. We know that investing in people and the planet goes beyond writing a check. We engage directly with the organizations we support to learn how we can best be of service to their cause. 

Eathosfoods - Giving back to the community

Cultivating Good in the communities we touch. 

Community is one of our core values and ensuring our business operates for the benefit of everyone involved is deeply rooted in who we are. As a food company, we’re inherently passionate about good food and view it as the uniting force between people everywhere.

No matter where you are in the world, everyone gathers around the table to share flavors, stories, culture, and conversation, all thanks to food. We’re big advocates of longer tables and second servings. We consider every community we touch part of our Eathos family and take our responsibility as a global brand seriously. 

Within the communities we work, some organizations we support are Jacob’s Heart Children’s Cancer Support Services, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and Second Harvest Food Bank. We work with these nonprofits and others to find out how we can best show up to support them. Through employee paid volunteer time, food and toy drives, grocery deliveries, and sponsoring fundraising events, we build a deep connection to the people around us.  

Cultivating Good for the planet we share. 

As a proud member of 1% for the Planet, we donate 1% of our sales to verified nonprofit partners working to protect our environment and uplift our communities. We value having a neutral third-party certification bring transparency and accountability to our sustainability efforts. Like our local community outreach, we work directly with our 1% partner organizations to determine which resources we can provide to propel their missions. 

Eathos - we can do more together - 1% for the planet
1% giving back - We work with nonprofits and support our communities

Cultivating Good with the products we create. 

As a brand, Eathos is committed to helping Americans eat more mindfully. We want our convenient, flavorful food to satisfy your taste buds while our commitment to responsible production satisfies your conscience.

When purchasing Eathos frozen entrees, you can decrease your household-level food waste (assuming you lick the plate clean like we do) by leaving the prep, portioning, and freshness to us. You can enjoy fragrant pesto year-round without worrying about your fresh basil going bad before you can toss it in the food processor.

We source clean ingredients (that you can actually pronounce), curate authentic recipes, and provide an easy plant-based alternative to meat. By offering vegan and vegetarian options, we hope to simplify eating consciously while not compromising on flavor or quality. We cherish the health of people and our planet and factor that into every decision we make.

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