For us, Eathos is a state of mind.
A new way of thinking about eating.

Eathos is a mash-up-start-up-collaboration between a small team of food lovers from California and a third-generation food-producing family from Parma, Italy.

We’re working together to help Americans eat more mindfully.

So we curate the best recipes from Italy, add plant-based protein and lots of fresh veggies, and then freeze them for quick-eating convenience.  

It comes down to this; We want you to eat wisely. No worries. Even if it’s a midnight snack or a quick lunch at your desk.

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Frozen Foods Made With Fresh Kale

We’re fruit & vegetable people at heart.

Kale, cauliflower, carrots, broccoli, mango… you name it, we’ve helped bring it from the farm to your kitchen table.

Our work has taken us all over the world… from the fields of Guatemala to avocado orchards in Colombia and brussels sprout farms in, yes, Brussels.

Along the way we’ve run into some very passionate and committed food people. That’s how we found our Italian connection.

Authentic, and imported from Italy.

We have partnered with a third-generation pasta company in Parma, Italy, to help translate classic Italian recipes into delicious frozen entrèes — without any meat.

We elevate each item by using only plant-based ingredients, the finest cheeses from Italy, and modern superfoods.

It’s a dash of tradition with a healthy new twist. Flavor-wise, there’s nothing quite like it.

Frozen Diners Made In Italy
Street Scene In Italy

Consciously tasty frozen entrèes