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How does an American food company achieve “authentic” Italian flavor?

A lot of companies claim to have authentic Italian flavors. But the fact is, there’s a culinary ethos in Italy that simply can’t be matched in America.
There’s just something about the subtle flavors, textures and wholesome goodness that comes natural to them, even when they’re cooking in commercial kitchens.
So the answer is, we go to Italy and get the real thing.

At Eathos we didn’t set out to do an entire line of imported frozen dinners. We’re not importers, we’re veggie-loving foodies.

So first and foremost, we were focused on the flavor and the quality of the ingredients. We were determined to produce a premium product with flavors you can’t find in any other frozen brand.

Our taste-testing research led us to Parma, Italy.

Parma is the heart of the Italian food valley and the world capital of cheese. So it’s natural that our partners there include generous amounts of the best Italian cheese in our vegetarian entrees. If you try our Spiral Pasta with Pesto & Kale or our Potato Gnocchi you’ll see… we don’t skimp on the cheese.

When it comes to pasta the Italians know that slow drying and a little bit of texture make all the difference. Microscopic roughness allows the pasta to attract the sauce and absorb the flavor. So with Eathos, you won’t get gummy or slippery noodles like you often get from other pasta entrees.

Instead, you’ll get perfectly cooked penne, soft, pillowy gnocchi and ravioli made just right. Even our macaroni is made differently. Look closely and you’ll see the difference between Italian made macaroni and American made.  

macaroni frozen dinner - eathos foods

What you see here is what you get with Eathos… real Italian macaroni, real kale and a hearty, satisfying sauce.

In Italy pasta sauce is known as “condimento.”  For this, simplicity is the key. Italian sauces offer complex flavors without over doing it. They don’t overload their sauces with meat and heavy-handed seasoning.

Every-day ingredients in Italy, such as extra-virgin olive oil and marinated, sundried tomatoes, help make Eathos entrees an exceptional choice even for special occasions.

We add our own, modern spin to the traditional Italian favorites…

Our “secret sauce” is a delicious, pea-protein based meat alternative that we use to fill our ravioili and add substance to our macaroni marinara and our vegan lasagna. So if you’re choosing to go meatless more often, you’re luck. Plus we add superfoods like kale to many items.

You don’t have to sacrifice traditional Italian flavor for a meat-free diet. And you don’t have to settle for bland in order to get fast, and convenient.

With Eathos frozen entrees, you get the best of both worlds. It’s traditional Italian comfort food for a modern, American lifestyle.

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