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A tasty tradition with a modern, plant-based twist.

You can’t go wrong with traditional Italian comfort food. Especially when it’s actually made in Italy from recipes that have been handed down for generations.

But there aren’t too many people here in the States who can do full-on Italian feasts.

We’re too busy. We crave the rich, satisfying flavors of slow Italian cooking but we need quick-eating convenience.

Plus, a lot of us are choosing a meatless lifestyle. We are conscious of the environmental and social implications of a meat-heavy diet, and are diversifying our diets to incorporate more meatless meals.

Which begs the question:

How do you make a good Bolognese sauce without the meat?

Spiral Pasta - Frozen Foods At Eathos
With help from our friends in Parma, Italy we’re putting a new, veg-mindful spin on a timeless, culinary tradition.

For the last few years we’ve been working with one of Italy’s finest pasta companies to translate three generations of family recipes into premium frozen foods with no meat.

Our chefs collaborated to create a plant-based, protein-rich, meatless recipe that satisfies even the pickiest pasta aficionados.

Our ravioli and tortellini is filled with perfectly-textured, protein-rich, pea-based meat alternative. This same recipe boosts our vegan lasagna and compliments the tomatoey tang of our Bolognese.

We use only plant-based ingredients, plus the best cheeses from Parma, Italy in our vegetarian entrèes. (No one from Parma is giving up their cheese entirely!)

It’s how the Italians do plant-based entrèes. There’s nothing quite like it in America.

Eating Mindfully — at least once a week.

More and more families are choosing to forego meat, at least on occasion. So if it’s meatless Monday at your house, but you’re craving something heartier than salad, you should try Eathos entrèes.

For instance, our spiral pasta has abundant amounts of exceptional Italian cheese, vine-ripened tomatoes and traditional, Italian flavor. Plus, we added kale — a wildly popular superfood. It’s pasta with a nutritious new punch.

Or try our gnocchi: perfectly fluffy potato dumplings served in a rich, creamy pesto sauce. Deeply satisfying, it’s Italian comfort food with a modern, American touch.

Pair them with your favorite vegetable side dishes for a wholesome dinner that the entire family will rave about.

It’s frozen food you’ll feel good about serving.

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