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The Origin of Eathos

The idea for Eathos go back decades, to an epic trip through Europe. Two of our closest friends were food-loving tourists before Anthony Bourdain made it a thing.

They ate their way from one country to another. They enjoyed the cobblestone cafes, the coffeehouses, the beer halls and the bars. They toured vineyards in France and picked olives in Spain, but what they enjoyed the most was the Italian countryside.

They immersed themselves in Italy’s ancient farming and cooking traditions; The cheese. The wine. The bread. The pasta.

Did we mention the wine?

They helped in the kitchen, studied the timeless methods, and gathered fresh ingredients for their evening meals. In the process, they experienced a new, profound connection with the land, the food and the local culture.

One particularly lovely evening, the two were enjoying a festive communal dinner on a 5th generation farm. Wine flowed and the flavors spilled over into an animated discussion about business, sustainability, inclusion and of course, food.

It was always the food.

Eating Frozen Foods At Table - Eathosfoods

After the antipasto a question arose; “What if we could capture all this and package it up in a convenient, affordable form back home?”

They dreamed of the flavors from all the cultures they had visited. They talked of traditional recipes with a healthy new twist. They even imagined a meatless product line before plant-based protein was even invented.

That’s how the idea for Eathos sprouted. But it’s a long journey from talk and bravado to an actual business model.

When they got back to California the pair went their own ways, pursuing separate careers in the food industry. The timing wasn’t right, but the idea for Eathos never stopped simmering.

Then, one day in 2018 their paths converged once again, and the idea resurfaced.

That’s when the real work began. The transformation of a dream into the tasty reality that you see on the store shelves today.

Frozen Foods - Vegetarian Pasta Dish