Eathos Frozen Foods

Mindful preparation of healthy ingredients. Carefully curated recipes from around the world. A dash of tradition with a delicious new twist, accessible to everyone. That’s Eathos. Plant-based premium frozen foods.

Welcome to the new Eathos of eating.


At Eathos we take a more mindful approach to the best frozen foods. Using only plant-based ingredients plus the finest hard cheeses from Italy, we elevate every recipe and bring consciously healthy comfort food to your dinner table. Inspired. Intentional. And exceptionally yummy.


With Eathos you’ll enjoy carefully curated, globally-inspired recipes that go way beyond tasty. We work hard to capture the flavor of adventure and add a fresh new twist. So it’s a healthy departure from the norm, and a pleasant trip for the tastebuds.


The execution of every Eathos frozen dinner is enhanced by the freshest ingredients and a careful, culinary touch. We use classic treasured recipes, handed down for generations, and then add our own modern spin. Purposeful and perfectly delicious.

Plant-based premium frozen foods imported from Parma, Italy

Eathos Fusilli - Frozen Foods
Eathos Tortellini Frozen Food
Eathos Gnocchi  Frozen Foods
Eathos Lasagna - Frozen Foods
Eathos Ravioli - Frozen Foods
Eathos Gnocchi - Frozen Foods
Eathos Macaroni - Frozen Foods
Eathos Ricotta - Frozen Foods
Garden Veggie Frozen Food Eathos
Farm house in Italy.
Farm house representing frozen foods that are global and sustainable.

Global. Sustainable. Delectable.

Fresh ingredients like tomatoes in our entrees

Our worldwide partnerships allow us to choose only the tastiest ingredients for Eathos entrees, while keeping our prices accessible and our enviromental impact minimal.

We take that stewardship seriously. It’s our promise: To provide a conscious blend of delectable flavors, good health and sustainability.

We are serious about good health and sustainability.

Food your family will rave about.
And food you’ll feel good about serving.